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Radiofrequency is already changing
veterinary treatments

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Radiofrequency is already changing
veterinary treatments


Vossman® Vet

for small animalls

With Vossman® Vet Radiofrequency, we optimise recovery and rehabilitation from injuries and tissue damage to speed up and improve the quality of healing.

Vossman® Vet is a powerful, precise and versatile radiofrequency which can be used as a single therapy (in combined treatments with its capacitive, resistive and manual electrodes sleeves) and as a complement to other techniques and treatments.

Vossman® Vet


Radiofrequency in horses is one of the treatments used in veterinary physiotherapy to relieve and reduce inflammation and promote healing.

This technique helps to improve mobility and muscle function and is effective in the treatment of musculoskeletal disorders and sports injuries in horses. 

Therapeutic benefits for horses

Radiofrequency is used in equine rehabilitation, both acute and chronic, and even pre- and post- operatively.

Vossman® Vet can also be used to improve the athletic performance of a horse, thanks to the many benefits of this technology when applied to healthy tissue.




Vossman® Vet speeds up the time and quality of damage repair.


Vossman® Vet promotes performance and prevents injuries in animals used in sport.


Vossman® Vet ensures a comfortable treatment and improved quality of life.


in your Clinic


As a stand-alone therapy or to complement other techniques and treatments. 


High specific power, allowing even large animals to be treated effectively. 


Weighing only 3.5 kg, it can be easily transported in a specially adapted rucksack.

FISIO PET is the veterinary PHYSIOTHERAPY concept to complement your clinical practice, so that you can offer prevention and rehabilitation of pathologies and improvement of the activity of healthy animals.

And Vossman® Vet will help you implement it. How?

√ By offering a rental scheme, with option to buy, the most versatile and powerful radiofrequency equipment. (no long term commitment).

Initial and ongoing training in the use of equipment, protocols and clinical rationales for optimisation of treatment.

Provision of marketing material to disseminate and promote this new service.

Join the new concept in veterinary treatment

For 289€/month + VAT

Fisio Pet

Would you like to try Vossman Vet
in your Clinic?

We want to offer you the opportunity to try the latest high powered radiofrequency technology, backed by years of research by our R & D department, so that you can offer a wide range of fast, safe and effective treatments.

Simply provide us with your details and we will contact you:

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